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Is Trend Mystery A Scam?  No.

So you’ve asked for a real review of TREND MYSTERY and that was what I’m about to give you here.

  • We’ll quickly go through some rules.
  • We’ll look at it on a chart for a quick overview
  • then we’ll just move forward later on with some more videos covering various currency pairs. 

And as always, this is a real Trend Mystery review. This is not the sales page is the actual trading strategy, unlike a lot of the other ones you’re going to be seeing. 

Trend Mystery Rules For Trading

 So first thing, what we have here, when you do get the software, get the user guide, which we’re looking at right now. They’re going to explain the indicator in detail. You’re going to get the indicator itself, obviously to put on your chart screenshots to help you understand how things work and if you have any problems a head over to the email just for Carl and he’ll certainly help you out.

We’re going to start here. It’s extremely important for you to fully understand how trend mystery works and that’s vital because a lot of people just jump on a strategy without having any clue of what to do.

So rules, like I said, are extremely important and please practice using on a demo account first. I can’t stress that enough. Absolutely. 

If you’re applying real money right now and you lose and you start sending emails that that doesn’t work, that’s on you.

Okay, so when you do get the product, you’re going to have to register it online, which is really good because there’s too many people out there hit and run, you know they, they buy this strategy, keep it, return it, and they still get to use it. That’s just not right. That’s not the kind of people that I know personally as traders, probably traders and the most honest people I’ve ever met. So just make sure that you register your account and you see you get a successfully activated.

The installation for Trend Mystery is no different than any other MT4 trading system. For a data folder, you put your indicators both in the indicator and the dll file into the libraries folder.

Let’s get right to the rules.

Uh, don’t use enough a flat market. Absolutely. You do not want to trade any trading strategy unless you’re trading a range bound strategy, which is basically hit and miss anyhow on a flat market right now. It does say London session US session. Be careful with that because what happens if you’re trading the daily chart, for example, well, you’re not going to know till end of end of session, right? So

Use some judgment when you’re looking at that. But the bottom line is do not trade a flat market, but markets are not making lower, lower lows and lower lower lows and lower highs for a downtrend or higher, higher lows.

For an uptrend, stay out for a little while. The global trend, remember trend is your friend. Ignore all signals against the current global trend.

Obviously, you know, if you are shorting a market, you want to make sure that trend is in your favor, you know, the proverbial wind at your back, you know, trying to catch tops and bottoms is a huge mistake and be quite frank with you. I personally don’t know any trader that’s done well doing that. They say they will, but I’ve, and I’ve met a lot of traders. I’ve talked to a ton of traitors and traders that I know that’s how they do it.

Watch for News Releases

Watch the news. Again, just be very careful with this as well. If you’re playing a daily chart, what happens at 10:00? It doesn’t really matter to you, right? Because you are trading the daily charts. Just be careful with something like Brexit,  that can cause the markets to go wild and huge spikes. So be very careful with that.

You can get spikes against the trend as well when you get these kinds of releases and news like brexits. And it’s true, there is when there’s no news or anything that’s important, absolutely, because what happens is you get into a trade and you think you’re going short news, release comes out, you get spiked out of your trade as the market flies higher. And then what happens? We’ve all had it happen to us, right? Market turns around and does what it goes in the direction that we’re trading in. All right? So just be careful with that.

The informer very important here, and that’s what you’re going to see over here on the right. And only if he can really see it. Let me just move something over here. Let me just get this here.

So here we have the informer and this is what you see over here on the left, on the chart, that trend mystery, that trading style. And we’ll talk about that in a second. Um, lasting those, uh, by you got confirmation.

Confirmation For Your Trend Mystery Forex Trades

And you remember my first video I talked about there’s confirmations, which will allow you to be in more high probability trades. And you would just take in the, like the first confirmation.

All right, so this just tells you how more time before the next candle shows up. And this time is set to a different one. Like I said, I had to reinstall my Metatrader. It’s not this time here. I’m in the eastern time zone. So it’s 10, 19 in the morning, on Friday. Okay. the stop loss option one is recommended. Use the exact stop loss value shown in all types of the alerts.

And we talked about the alerts. Uh, you get pop up alerts on your screen, you get them sent to your email, which is probably one of the best I’m getting emails sent to you with, hey, there’s a trade setting up. Be on alert option to allow traders usually calculate stop loss with this formula that previous bar high or low plus an x number of pips. I’m gonna, help you out with that one a little bit just to help you with that.

One of the best ways that I’ve ever found, if you’re gonna, use something, an option to the extra number of pips and previous bar high, this is fine, but what? What is x number of pips? Right? That’s who knows. One of the best ways to do it as use the atr values. Atr have a 14 and you can either use one times atr for your stock, one and a half times atr atr, their volatility stops.

Stop Loss With Trend Mystery

Probably. That’s all I use personally in my own trading is volatility stops. I want to. When the market’s moving, I want my stop further further from price. When the market’s going slow, that’s when you can really find yourself sucked into a spikes up and down in price. So I use the atr. That’s just what I personally do a. yeah, absolutely. S

et your stop loss. Okay. Entering trades you by when the Yellow Arrow appears and the oscillator window as shown on the screenshot. You can see it right here. You can see that right here. And if we just look at the real chart, we can see one right here. And this is a trade, uh, happened at the end of October, just at the end of October, right in here, right? You sell when a red Arrow appears in the oscillator window. And that’s down here. And you can see one tucked over in this corner here.

See if I can move this out here. You see these over here? Sell, sell. Okay. This actually, we’ll talk about this later. A, it’s a no brainer. You’re, that you can’t make a mistake. You can see it in the oscillator window. You can see her right here. Okay? So very easy to trade that way. I’m a big fan of when these kinds of strategies with having things printed right on the screen simply because it’s very difficult to make any sort of mistakes when that happens. Uh, so good on Carl for continuing that exiting trades.

Option one, exit trades when the opposite signal appears. For example, when a yellow Arrow appears close your sell order. When your read one appears, you close your buy order. Yeah, it makes sense. If I’m, if you’re in this long trade here, I don’t want to make this window too small here, but let’s just go for short.

Global Trend Trading

Let’s say you shorted way up here. Okay? Market comes down, you’re in profit, and then you get this. Well, this is an opposing signal, so get out of the market, right? Does this mean you take this trade? I want to talk about something here. We just talked about it in the rules. Global Trend, right? So we don’t know what the global trend is here. Um, you’re gonna have to find your own way of deciding.

That is what that is.

Just if our global trend is down, we don’t take that trade and what ever you’re using to determine trends and people using moving average. Some people just use price action higher, high, higher, low. And that would tell you right here, we got a low. We have a higher low here. So this trade would be valid. If you are just using a pure price pattern as your trend determination, why not?

How A Trend Forms In Forex

Right? It works out well. You know, you, you’re not making any mistakes when you do that. If the market can’t make a lower low than this, while there’s that, it’s not as weak as it was, right? The opposing currency pair stronger. We break above the high right here. You can see that’s a good trade, right? Because what happens when you break above this high right here, we’ve put in a higher high. So this is a beautiful setup. Use the exact take profit values that are shown in all types of signal alerts. Option three, another exit mechanism with is highly effective, is to exit and your strong support or resistance level.

It’s a method that generates exits earlier. So you’d take your profits earlier. Good method. Now, here’s the thing about support and resistance. Uh, I can turn off all the candles on my chart and I can put up a whole bunch of horizontal lines. I mean, let’s put a five and I can guarantee you and I turned the price back on. I’m going to have price bouncing off of these, uh, these lines that I just put up there randomly.

If you’re going to consider doing something like that, I would just make sure that the only thing I’m looking at is these right obvious levels. These. All right. This is all obvious stuff. Okay. I would not be looking at stuff like this.

Trade Confirmation Explained

This is probably the one of the best part of this strategy. I think our system would, or whatever you want to call it, the trend mystery can confirm your signals. Awesome. Um, let’s take a look. When the signal is in the first section, it has no confirmation, so no confirmation levels have been passed. All right, so, well, let’s take a look. One, two, three. See these horizontal lines. This is the first section and that’s down here, right? Oh, sorry. We’re going down here. This is the first level on a downtrend. As you can see over here. First level here,

here’s how the section number and goes. Buy and sell. We talked about that. You’ll get this in your pdf. The bigger the number, the stronger the price momentum. This is one, right? While you can see this is actually pretty good because we had a retrace here as soon as it’s set up, so this is not really strong, right? And look strong here, but then we rallied right away. So the momentum to the downside quickly disappeared. And then we just dropped right? Right around here.

So remember, these are trading indicators, so it’s going to need the previous price points. All right, you didn’t see this drop freight from here, right to here. We’re going to have to rally up a little bit and you could see that in this rally we’re talking about momentum, right? Even though we’re rallying up, are these strong candles? Absolutely not. So the month is still to the downside and you see this reversal candle right there, uh, before we get this.

So again, we’re talking about momentum. This is week momentum on the upswing here. Decent trade, two great tips on how to use this. Okay? And to your trades, when the signals are in section two or in section three, this will allow you to skip week.

Enter when the market momentum builds up. Sure. You can do that. Donate through here. Once this line breaks through here, you look to enter. All right? As you remember, the bigger the section number, the stronger the momentum to one says good momentum. We have a higher chance to win. If you’re a trade, don’t exit until an opposite signal reaches his second or third section.

Why do you think that our peers are right away? Why do you think that is? Well, let’s think about it for a second. If I am in a uptrend and the trades going up and all of a sudden I get the reversal of the indicator and it doesn’t get past this level here, why would I want to be out?

Pullback Trades

This could just be a minor pullback, right? So keep that in mind as well and you know you just can’t slap this stuff on your chart and just start grabbing the signals left and right. You have to understand the rules and that’s why Carl sends over the pdfs with it because you certainly need to know. You can see right here and how are you going to buy? We opened a by when the signal reaches the third section has per tip number one, thus skipping the week flat market.

We close a trade as a sell signal because it appeared in the second right away as pro tip number two, tip one, what was it? When the market’s moving, don’t take it here. As it starts to move up, then you take your trade and they took it right here, right works out well. He didn’t sit around that slop sample to a, we went through to buy trade as soon as the signal was generated because it appeared in the section should sex second section right away, which is a.

 Whereas momentum going to the downside, if you want to sit around and not take that trade, probably not the following cell signal. However, did read section two. So this is where we finally close the trade already timeframes 1530.

So this is not a scalping strategy, you know, 15 minutes is not really scalping.

I’m not a big fan of scalping personally, but you know, some people do it. I don’t know how successful they are.

There is an assistant assistant as well under trades with one click, make more profit on every trade, auto enter upon one or two confirmations. See, this is once you understand this strategy and you find it has an edge for you and how you’re trading it. Um, you could certainly consider this once these, like right here, you wouldn’t be in the trade once it rips down here, you’re in this short trade and yeah, you get a little bit of heat.

How The Trade Works Out

Well, let’s take a look right there, right? You get a little bit of heat, but I’m blessed with trading. So you have to accept that input parameters. I wouldn’t change too much. You don’t have to change anything. Exactly. Just leave it, keep it simple. Trading style medium. And what’s Kinda cool is he doesn’t give you different options, conservative safety rather than the speed of signals medium, which is this one, a combination of both and that, you know what, that’s where I would stick. There’s no need to start trying to find the perfect setting because there really isn’t one. We can move the informer around colors. We already know that. Alerts right by default, the values that the bike cell only, which means you alerts are generated upon new signals. Um, take profits. Well, there you go.

Trade Alerts – Trend Mystery

Speaker 1: 15:20 to look at, it says $500. We’re not going to use a 400, 500 pips stop loss on a, a four hour chart. And if you did, you’re like persistence position sizing of nothing. And we’re looking at a two to one. You know, that’s basically what we’re looking at and I know there are people saying, well two to one, that’s great, believe it or not, you can actually make money with a one to one training strategy. Just so you know, I’m obviously a win rate is dependent on that and how you manage your trades. But yeah, you certainly can do that regardless of what people will tell you. All right? So we’ve taken a look at that.

 Let’s just take a look. No more rules. While here’s the, uh, alerts, let’s just get right to it. That’s what you’re here for. Okay? So this is what it looks like on the chart. Quite simple, right? And this trade here would look at a few of these already. I don’t want to keep the feed with too long. We’re probably already getting, getting up there. Um, so, so far with the rules all make sense. They all follow a rule of thumb trading, trading rules, which you know, if you don’t, if you’re not using it then you know, I can’t help you. No one can. So let’s take a look what we have here. 

Now this trade here, people are going. Well look, it got, there was nothing there. Exactly, but where are we? We’re not, we’re a level one. We want to be here or here for this trade. So we didn’t even bother with this trade already. I’m impressed. We have this move here as a down move. We don’t take it here. We don’t take it until we get here. All right, so we’re not hit. We’re not in it. And in it, there we go. So we’re going to enter here and we’re going to get a little bit of feet and take back here. And this is a four hour chart. Now the food, go back to what our stop loss is a manually configure

Well remember what I talked about her, right? So let’s just keep that in mind. So this has been a, a trade that you would have got in on the close. You probably would have got stopped out on this trade because we’re only looking at 50 pips a.

But again I’m also looking at the pound yen. That thing is a beast at times. I know our people would like to trade euro us dollar. I’m not really a fan of the US dollar crosses, be quite honest with you. I’ve done much, much better trading. I don’t really go to the U. S pairs too often anyways, so become a retrace back up.

Now this is where you’re going to have to decide how you’re going to reenter the trade. All right. I didn’t see anything in here talking about or reentry and I might’ve missed it, but I don’t think I did know.

Trade Entry After A Loss

Let’s think about a reentry type of strategy when you’re looking at this. Okay. Because this move is a great move down. Right? Even though you got stopped out, right? We got stopped out because it’s only 50 pip stop loss. You got stopped out here, right? Just going back to the default settings, I got stopped out here. I would have needed a least a 143 pips. Stop. Okay. So let’s take a look what the atr setting would be. So when we look here, uh, put the atr says the 14 period atr on the close of this candle stick, the atr is 55. Decide where you’re going to do two times. Atr would give you 110, but 110 saved, you know, it wouldn’t have saved you, so you would have still taken a hit.

But here’s the thing, it doesn’t matter if we’re looking at a 50 pip stop loss or the atr stop loss doesn’t matter because your position sizing is going to be based on that anyhow, you know, one percent of your account or two percent, whatever you’re trading is still two percent a year account, right?

So that trade a is not something that would have worked out period. Okay? No matter where we looked. So again, like I said, how are you going to reenter these kinds of trades because this trade just falls to profit, right?

So one thing you can think of if we’re looking for downside risk and assume the overall global trend is down a pullback, which is standard into this congestion here in a short. Okay, let’s look at this one here. We don’t take it. Don’t take it, don’t take it, don’t take it. We can take it here. Well, this trade actually goes up for 393 pips and you certainly would have made your 100 pips on this trade, which if you’re just using the 50 pip and 100 pip, you basically wiped out this losing trade of 50 pips. I’m just gonna. Stick with that. Okay. It’s just easier. I don’t want to go start changing everything around, you know, let’s just keep this, um,

Just based on this strategy alone, so we get to come into this trade. So what do we do? We did really well, right? Uh, and if you waited for this to come and it’s still there, you know, you’re not as good as just going for your take profit or is actually a little bit better. Let’s take a look. So you’d get in here and you’d get out here, right? So let’s just do this. So No, you would have done better just taking your a fixed profit. Not Bad. So let’s just do that. All right. Um, we’re obviously moving down here that if I go here, this is like a pullback, right? But these are momentum candles. So I’m going to be considering this as going short, not short, not short. We go short here and then, uh, we get as high as what, 87. Then we come back and price gets taken out.

Again, I just, whatever you’re going to determine as your global trade, we do not want to be whipping back and forth and quite frankly, you probably would not take this trade and I’m just being straight up with you. And the reason why is with this big run up a price. This is just a natural pullback. When would we consider another trade in this area right here? Why? Because we’re putting in a lower high than this. So, uh, yeah, I showed you this, but let’s go back to the rules were says trade in the direction of the global trend. Well, there’s really no swing load has been taken out. So this trade is a pullback of this move here. We can’t confirm that we’re looking at a down move until we start putting in a lower high. Alright, so this trade doesn’t even exist, so that’s kind of cool. This trade here is an up move which would fall in line with what we’re doing here, but look where it is. It’s level one, right? So you’re still up your 50 pips here. We get our down. Move here because we’re looking to go short and this isn’t true. Just kind of plummets and you actually get to your 100 quite quickly

Price Action

That is why I look at this trade because price action was showing me we’re about to start a stair stepping pattern up. Doesn’t matter. We don’t know what’s happening over here. This is all we see at this point. Is this right? Go down here. Wouldn’t take this short.


Well we haven’t taken a low so we’re still looking for up moves and this trade we don’t get. And we started getting into some chop here. As you can see we’ve got a high. This is basically a double bottom, double top. So this is something we would skip out on anyways. You know what? I, I could go through a whole bunch of charts, but I’m not going to in this video here, the point is to show you how simple this strategy is trading in the direction of the global trend.

A massively important. You could even use a 200 period moving average if a, if that’s up your alley, right? You just have to make sure that you understand it is lagging and there is no magic and a moving, a moving average. None at all. Just looking at price is not a bad thing to do. Looking for momentum, candles, which way the momentum is going, um, that help you as well for trend. But overall, just by looking at the rules and looking at what we just looked at on the pound yen, which is a beast, and let’s be honest, you know, you’re not going to be looking at

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