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Trend Jumper Swing Trading Forex

I am happy to bring you more information on Trend Jumper.  This trading method was created by traders for those who are looking for a successful and practical way to trade the markets.  It doesn’t matter if it is Futures or Forex, this method has you covered.

One exciting aspect of this method is there are very few moving parts to it.  Meaning?  It is simple.  Trend Jumper is a simple method that can be used for scalping, day trading or even swing trading the various choice of markets.  Simple does not mean easy, generally, but this method is easy to learn, easy to implement.


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Trend Jumper Update

I just received new Forex swing trading results from the Trend Jumper team.  I think these results will blow your mind:

GBPAUD +4255 pips
EURUSD +2183 pips
CHFJPY +4742 pips
EURJPY +8300 pips

These results take into all of 2012 until April 16, the day of this update.  If you didn’t even come close to these kinds of numbers, you may be missing something.  See these numbers – PROVEN – in the upcoming LIVE webinar that you can join by clicking here.


Don’t get caught up with too many indicators.  Unlike other methods of trading, Netpicks (the brains behind the method) developed this method using price action and support and resistance.  Dynamic support and resistance.

Think of “jumping” out of an airplane or “jumping” on a trampoline.  That is what you do with Trend Jumper.  The airplane jump are short trades.  Trampoline jumps are longs.

Risk : Reward Ratio in Trend Jumper

Trend Jumper looks to use NEWLY formed support and resistance areas to determine the trades.  All targets are dynamic and depend on the momentum behind the market at that current time.  It is an excellent way to increase your profits in high momentum times and also take advantage of the markets during the quiet times.  Risk control is paramount so a favorable R:R and setups that put the odds in your favor is what is important.

When you team up high percentage accurate targets with a favorable risk: reward ratio, and smart and simple trade rules then great things start to happen. Mainly, consistently profitable trades. That’s what the Trend Jumper does!

Versatility is the backbone of this method which makes opportunities in other markets within your reach.  One thing I really like is the opportunity to have a trailing feature built right into the method.  There is no better way to take what the market will give you than by trailing your stop and LOCKING in profits.  Taking advantage of the significant moves has been made easy.

I am going to bring you more markets but for now, check out this walkthrough of Trend Jumper on the GBPUSD Forex pair.  This is a swing trade that has delivered over 1000 the pips in the last 4 months.  I did talk about the free version of Trend Jumper over here.  You can pick up a free scaled down version of this method by CLICKING HERE.

Stay tuned for information on how you can find out more about the Trend Jumper Trading System. In the meantime, keep checking back and allow me to show you what it can do!

Trend Jumper Swing Trade Video

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