Pips Wizard Pro Buy Sell Indicator Follows The Trend

One important thing to remember when using the Pips Wizard Pro indicator is that it's a trend following system of trading.

Is that a good thing?

Some of the biggest names in trading made their fortunes through trend following so it is extremely viable.  This MT4 indicator makes it easy to get involved in the trend...often times before it takes off to new highs or lows!

Being involved in a strong trend can make a traders year.  Yes...one trade can make your year.

There are many ways to determine the trend and using price action or an indicator is a good way to do it.  Indicators lag price of course but it can enable you to do a quick scan of your Forex charts, see if a trend is in play, and then look to Pips Wizard Pro to get you into the trade.

I put together the video below so I can show you what the importance of following the trend is.

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Pips Wizard Pro Is NOT The Holy Grail

The fact is you are still going to lose on some trades...that's just the nature of trading.  The secret has always been to keep your risk at a level that you can take multiple losing trades in a row.

You can download the MT4 Indicator here.  Place it on your chart and do some testing.  I think you will find it to be a great trading system.