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Keltner Bells Review | Is the Keltner Bells System For You

Keltner BellsNetpicks has once again come up with a new Forex strategy and this one is called Keltner Bells.  Some of you have asked what exactly is Keltner Bells and what type of trader is it for.  You’ve wanted to know what type of results have been seen with Keltner Bells and exactly where you can download it.

I am going to go through each of these questions, in depth, and give you the skinny in this Keltner Bells Review.

What Is Keltner Bells?

Keltner Bells is designed as a forex swing trading system.  Unlike other systems that use minute or tick charts, this strategy uses something called a renko bar.  To put is simply, a renko bar (or some called it a brick) only print on the chart when a certain number of “pips” have occured.  For example, if set to 20, a renko bar will only print on the screen once that 20 has been achieved.  Time intervals show up after a set time period has elapsed which can seriously clutter a chart during slow price action.

Mark Soberman has given you the opportunity to download Renkos for free!  Details here.

This strategy will also print directly on the chart your entry price, your stop loss and your take profit level.  This makes it very simple for you to execute a trade because you can see exactly where all the important price points are.  Once they appear on the chart, you can literally set the trade up and walk away from the computer.  Here is a graphic to show exactly what I mean.

Keltner Bells Chart

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As you can see, the entry signal is illustrated in the picture above by the blue star. Your take profit target is the blue dot above this point and your stop loss is the blue dot below this pint. So in this example, you can setup the pending order to take you in once the price reaches your entry point. You can also set your stop loss and take profit in the pending order and you can leave it on autopilot to let the trade run its course.

I added the text but you can easily see where the entry price is. Those + signs (other platforms may show a different graphic) are your entry prices. The dots above the price point are the stops and below, the profit targets. As you can see, once that first + showed up, it also printed your profit and stop location which allows you to set up the trade and let it play out.

How Much Money Can You Make
Using Keltner Bells?

It would be great to say $1000 per week but neither myself nor Mark Soberman of Netpicks would ever say that.  Other companies may claim you can “Retire By Summer”, but that is just hype and nowhere near reality.  The fact is that how much you can make is really dependant upon you.  Netpicks will fully train you in exactly how to use the system.  It does not matter if you have been trading for years or have never traded before.

I want to show another chart so you can see the potential.  Just remember, each renko bar equals a set number of pips.

Renko Chart 2

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Each renko is worth 15 pips and in this example, the full profit was 6 renko which equals 90 pips. The secret is how much each of those pips is worth to you. It all depends on your account size and risk tolerance so for some, each pip was worth $1 and for others, it could be $10, $20, $50 per pip.

Let’s talk about reality for a moment. You will lose some trades and every trader will tell you that. All that hype you hear about “foolproof wins” “100% Full Winners” is just hype and they are simply untruthful. You will never hear Netpicks tell you that Keltner Bells always wins because it doesn’t. I always say to watch your losses because the wins will take care of themselves. What I mean is watch your risk % per trade and ensure you stay true to your stops. When the trade is losing and your stop is there, make sure you get out. There is no reason to ignore your stops. Keltner Bells will print your exact exit on your chart!

Wrapping Up Keltner Bells Review

  • Powerful Custom Built Keltner Bells Software, Indicators and Calculator that does 99% of the work
  • Two Discs of Video Training that takes you by the hand, start to finish, regardless of your current experience
  • Fully loaded Trading Manual full with system rules that you can download immediately
  • Renko Bar plugin for the Free Metatrader charting platform
  • Guide to Markets and Timeframes

PLUS…an option to include

  • Daily Expert Updates:  Market Recaps posted every day by KB experts
  • Precise Trade Plans:  Exact details on how to trade the most profitable and popular currency pairs
  • Futher Indepth Trading:  Video walk throughs, Tutorials and high level advanced topics
  • Monthly Calls:  Complete Q & A calls with the developer!


Try Keltner Bells for 30 days and if all the daily updated trade plans do not make at least 1000 pips or more – send back the system for a full refund.

BUT……….if you do profit during this time, fire off a testimonial and Mark Soberman will send you a check for $100!  More money to put into your trading account!

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Keltner Bells Update

  1. Download your FREE Brickcharts Plugin here
  2. Learn this 10 minute Forex trading routine

Mark told me personally that he doesn’t just use this quick method alone but actually in tandem with his other regular trading routines.

So I want to stress that you don’t even have to give up what’s working for you right now… just test it out to see if this is something you might want to add to kick your win rate even

It’s 10 minutes a day so what could it hurt?

Anyways, take a peek and test yourself on this magic trading formula and let me know your thoughts.