Multiple time frame trading is easy with Infinity Scalper. Simply line up the two time frames, 1 and 5 minute charts, and take one minute trades in the direction of the 5 minute chart.

This video will show you how to increase the probability of a winning Forex scalp by using a multiple time frame approach

Whether you are using Infinity Scalper, Pips Wizard Pro or any other trading software, always keep risk management in the front of your mind.

Without proper risk management in trading, your chances of long term success is zero.‚Äč

Let’s just cover what we have on the chart right now so we all are on the same page. Here is the indicator that comes with infinity scalper, right? You apply it to your chart, you authorize it and trade it. What we’re looking for is these turns in the histogram from red to green, green to red for our trades.

This white line is a moving average that I have added. Inside the PDF it’s gonna tell you do not trade in sloppy markets, do not trade against the trend.

Using A Moving Average

When price is whipping back and forth over top of a moving average or hugging the moving average like you see here, you can see that this is not a price action that’s worthy of your time. It certainly isn’t. And all I’ve done here, anyone that’s traded structure, price action, knows, you know, you get a rise like this, mark off the highest and the lows, look for break outs, right? That’s what we’re doing here.

So let’s cover a few things here.

I’ve made two lines, this line and this line. These are just setting up trades. There’s a reason why I haven’t covered that, there’s a reason why I haven’t covered this, and you’ll understand in a minute. So let’s just cover what we’re looking at here. Remember we’re trading the first two to three hours of the session.

So if you’re looking at US session, you know, between 8:00 and 11:00 in the morning. London session, you know, 3:00 to 6:00, 5:00 maybe. And then a little bit during the overlap, which is the 8:30 time frame, roughly. 8:00 time frame, but 8:30 is when a lot of news releases come out, so make sure that you go to and make sure you’re not trading inside of news release. For example, on July 7th we had the non-farm payroll, try scalping that. Good luck.

Anyways, let’s take a look at what we’re looking at. So we get a long trade set up here and this is marked by this green line here and you can see that you enter on the close. So we get this we get pulled back here thirteen pips, you may or may not have gotten stopped out, you probably did. Goes up 6 and then doesn’t really go anywhere. Alright? So that’s not trade, that worked out and you can see that we start chopping back and forth.

So I’m actually even gonna highlight this one here, why not? Again, another trade, it’s a red candle and from the close and that entry would be right about there. You can see you don’t go anywhere, right? You get a little bit, pulls back. And if you did, for whatever reason, are not gonna do what I’m gonna show you to do. You got into here, you see these triple tops, you’re at this trade anyways I would hope, right? Let’s remove this.

So all I did was I sectioned off the upper channel, part of the channel, and the lower part here. And you can see here we do get trades set up to the short side, right here. But look at this candle, you gotta know candlesticks right when you’re trading, you don’t just trade blindly.

Even though it closed red this is a semi-bullish candle, didn’t even close below the lows, and reason this is here, you know, I just … Basically this low and this congestion here, this congestion here. So it wasn’t a line I just tossed on, there was a reason for it. And even if I moved it up to this area right here, you can still see that it rejects, alright.

Support and resistance are zones, not specific price points and you can see also that we’re extending far away, it’s just not a good trade set up.
But there’s another reason why we’re gonna move over here. Look at the difference at this candle, right? I don’t know if this is my price on my metatrader here or it’s an actual gap could happen, you never know right? But regardless, it clears this rejection here and it’s a strong candle.

These two candles compared to this candle and this candle, tradable right? Short it. But look what happens, it pulls it right back up against us. But look what’s happening, we’re already getting a down sloping on this trend line right here, which is not part of it, right? And it’s only a 20 period moving average, as you saw there, pulls back and then drops, you know, 19 pips. And if you got out over here it’s different, but that’s not my point of this video.

So, let’s take a look, why we would not have gotten involved in this trade that eventually turns out to be a loser and let’s just highlight … I want to highlight this area right here so I can see something on the higher time frame.

So, 5-minute chart. You can see on the 5-minute chart … I mean, let’s get this bigger for you. We are already in a short scalp on the higher timeframe. This green line represents where that long setup happened on the lower time frame, the 1-minute chart. Why would you trade against a higher timeframe down trade, right?

Because we’re trading downwards. You wouldn’t do it. So you’re putting the odds in your favor by trading in the direction of an active trade on the 5-minute chart, right? And this is the yellow line that I … The yellow box I put there. You can see this is the area right here. Look at this candle. Is that bullish or bearish? Right? It’s kind of … It’s more bullish than bearish. Got these wicks. This is the trade that we looked at, the short trade. Totally different candlesticks right? We have this from the top of the channel, momentum down, small upper and lower shadows, bit of a pullback, breaks down.

Is that a good trade?

Absolutely. And that’s just combining the two different time frames, the 1-minute and the 5-minute.
So you can actually have … This is a pound US. You can actually have the 5-minute chart and the 1-minute chart up. And here’s what happens. Remember I said we traded the first two to three hours right? Well, this is 8:00 right here and we’re at 11 right? Maximum of three hours, which is over here somewhere you can see that our next trade sets up at quarter after 11, we wouldn’t have even got a trade off in the US session if we only traded the 5-minute time frame.

If we traded the 1-minute time frame, we actually did get a trade. Let’s go back to it.

You can see … Where’d it go? Right here. We already got … Where are we? Right here. We got our trade, we got our trade south for 18, 19 pips. Is that not something you want to do right? Have both time frames up. And this will allow you to actually trade the 1-minute chart, have more opportunities to scalp, but you’ll be scalping in the direction of the higher time frame trade direction.
Because even though our trend line may change, may start pointing upwards, doesn’t necessarily mean that it does here. Doesn’t necessarily mean that these will be in sync with this okay, this is just a guide.

So that’s it, you can still trade the 1-minute chart using the higher time frame, the 5-minute chart, you’ll probably get more trading opportunities, but they’ll be higher probability because you’ll be trading in the direction of the higher time frame.
Alright, hope that didn’t confuse anybody. Click my Infinity Scalper download link.Give it a go, let me know what you think. I think it’s a great product, if you know what you’re doing, right? The PDF is great, I think it’s 25 pages again. Read through that. I mention in my Infinity Scalper review video, take a look, download it, and let