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Forex Tester 3

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Forex Backtesting Software


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Forex Tester is important trading software designed to back test the effectiveness of your trading strategy.  Recent system upgrades have made it an even easier and faster way to test all your trading systems and methods.

Forex Tester 3 is the latest release of the popular Forex testing software that simulates real trading with historical data giving you the ability to test your trading system before using - and losing - real money because your trading system does not have a real edge in the market.

The only way you can know if your trading system or strategy has a true edge in the market is by not only forward testing but back testing as well.  Back testing by simply scrolling your charts is not the best way (or the fastest) and it also always you to cherry pick trades because you already know price action unfolded.

Replay Historical Data!

Once the data is downloaded for the time period you choose, it stays hidden and unfolds in "real time" so you can make the decisions required from your trade plan.

This is vital!  It is far too easy to be influenced by how the market has moved during your testing.

Forex Tester will not allow you to cheat yourself!​

Forex Tester Replay Data

Designed for ease of use for experienced & new traders

Whether you are trading a manual system or an automatic system, Forex Tester is designed to have you set up and testing your strategies quickly...even if you have never placed a real trade in live markets.  It's that simple.

  • Saves Time
  • Multiple Tests
  • Statistics
  • Simplicity
  • Support

Whenever you have a question about or problem with Forex Tester, the support team will help you. Contact via online chat or email. Many answers to common questions can be found in the FAQ on the Forex Tester home page and the forum.

This new version is easier than the original!  From downloading the required data and setting up projects all the way to running the tests, FX Tester has taken away the learning curve so you can get to testing and learning your system!

Watch this video to see how quick and simple it is to get your testing project started.

This video only touches on what Forex Tester is capable of.  It truly is a required piece of trading software for traders serious about the systems they use.

Here are just some of the important and useful features

  • 15 years of FREE historical data giving you different types of trading conditions to test with
  • Change the speed of testing so you can get the results you need fast
  • Test many Forex pairs at the same time to ensure your system is useful for different levels of volitility
  • Many different indicators including moving averages, RSI, MACD and even Ichimoku
  • Don't be stuck with just time bars as you can also use range and renko bars to fine tune your system

Do you know why you should test your system?

Despite what marketers tell you, there is no holy grail in trading and the edges that are out there, are quite small.  It has become extremely important that the system you trade has shown historically and in real time trading that it is not only a system you can trade consistently but also that you win more than you lose over time.

Here is a sample of the statistics available

forex tester 3 back testing stats

These statistics are from the example trades shown in the video.  Even though it is a rough example, these stats show that even with a low win percentage, by keeping your losses smaller than your wins you can actually have a good trading system in which to trade the markets with.

Review Wrap Up

Forex Tester makes the important task of back testing easy and fast especially with the ability to test multiple currency pairs and trading systems at the same time.  The faster you find a trading system with an edge, the quicker you can master it in the real markets and start adding profits to your trading account.


The Good Stuff:
  • 15 years of free historical data
  • Very easy to set up & back test
  • Able to increase speed of data making testing even faster.
The Bad Stuff:
  • Does not work for Futures
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