DowScalper Dow Emini Futures Trading System Review

dowscalper review and discountDowscalper is an online course that is dedicated to trading the Dow E-Mini (YM for short)

Some people get confused thinking they have to download and install it but there is nothing to install.

It’s a trading system based on price action and the mechanics behind the markets – what makes markets move.

Here is a list of some of the common questions that many have had about Dowscalper E-mini Futures Trading System:

  • Does the Dowscalper work for every trader?
  • Is this scalping strategy just another scam?
  • Is there a discount available?
  • Is it worth the price?

Before you start reading this review, please know that unlike other “review” sites, I actually have gained access to the course and also have the discounted Dowscalper link you can use.


Does Dowscalper work? 

The concepts behind this futures trading system truly apply to almost every liquid market.  Like any way of trading that involves a system with a positive expectancy, the weakest link is the trader.

Dowscalper is discretionary in nature however the “trading setups” follow a logical sequence that any trader, novice or not, can take advantage of.

The biggest problem comes when traders try to force scalping trades that are not setting up.  The concepts are sound….but the fact is that it will work for some traders and for others, it won’t

1. Is it a scam?

Scam is a harsh word that applies to many of the peddled trading programs out there but certainly not to Dowscalper.

2. The Dowscalper system is not a mix of indicators with “secret settings”.

The concepts relate to actual market mechanics, not theory, which is why it has been so successful with many traders!

In fact, while it is more expensive than those pathetic cheap e-books, this is one system that will give the professional thinking trader a fighting chance!

Why a just a “chance”?

Because of Dowscalper being based on EXACTLY HOW THE MARKET WORKS.

3. E.A.? 

Ah, those “expert advisors” that sucker in traders promising them untold wealth and income from the markets.  They are junk.

Dowscalper contains nothing programmed, nothing automatic…….the success is all you!  Do not EVER get suckered by those expert advisors.

4. Price?  Is it worth it?

Depends on your definition but in my books, the price is great.

In fact, with the top notch support and members blog PLUS the expert instruction, it is priced too cheaply.  Grab the discounted version here.


More Indepth Dowscalper Review

  • Method of instruction:  8 video modules that lead you through the material in logical steps.  In starts with the basics and quickly picks up speed showing you exactly what you need to know.  The private members blog is really key to your success.  (make sure you request access).
  • Access:  You receive instant access to the course upon payment.
  • Position sizing:  Stops and targets are based on 8 points for both.  Remember, the Dow E-Mini trades in points, not tics.
  • Markets:  While Dowscalper is generally traded on the YM, the NQ is another market the administrator trades with great success.
  • Installation:  Since Dowscalper is a trading course and not a trading robot or indicator, no installation is needed.  You are going to walk away with an in depth knowledge about how to really trade.
  • Results:  While results are not shown, live trading is done and can be found on the public blog.  It is very impressive.

Zero lagging indicators

One of the biggest pluses of Dowscalper is not using any indicators.  Plus….it is designed to get you in and out of the market in about 30 minutes and banking about 16 points on the YM….that is $5 per point per contract.

The trading course is easy to understand and follow but give yourself some time to understand everything.

Dowscalper is designed for the Dow E-Mini but it is also seen traded on the NQ.  The admin says that some people use it on Forex and other markets but leaves how to do that up to you.

I have not found any rules or methods in the members section that show you how to use it on other markets such as other Futures markets or Forex.  It is called Dowscalper and is specifically marketed for the Dow E-Mini.

The Dow E-Mini is a fantastic starter market as you don’t get the same type of volatility as you see in other markets.

No need to worry about news releases spiking you out of the trades because you are usually in a trade for under 5 minutes.

You can see two quick and simple trades using the concepts taught in Dowscalper in these images below.

Dowscalper trading chart

Dowscalper Downfalls

The biggest downfall (while not truly a downfall)  is it is not very mechanical and is discretionary.  While the top traders in the world trade that way (and make bags of money every year) most people fail at trading EVEN when given very profitable ways to trade.

The downfall is really that it can not idiot proof traders.

Being discretionary. it allows the astute scalper to adjust their trading depending on market conditions.  With 100% mechanical systems, you follow when the methods says enter and exit which if you think about it, it’s a silly way to trade.

What about not trading around news?

What about buying right into a strong resistance level?

Fully mechanical systems are what most traders buy and how most traders fail.


Do I think Dowscalper is a great buy?

I think it is a great way to learn how the markets work, how to read the markets, and with proper practice and realistic expectations, it’s a great trading course!  I’ve seen firsthand how the concepts fit together and how it is very possible that you can carve out a trading edge for yourself.

A small edge is all you need to make profits in trading.

It takes work and while the concepts may appear simple, implementation can be difficult if you expect to be an expert in a week.  Be honest… is a profession and in many ways it is an art.  Expecting quick results is really the sign of immaturity and is a huge reason why most people are absolute failures at trading.

I think it is a top notch course that gets right to the meat of trading.

For the price, Dowscalper is an excellent resource for those who approach trading with a professional and mature mindset.

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