Does Pips Wizard Pro Still Work?

It's been a while since I updated Pips Wizard Pro and many Forex traders have asked if it still works in the markets of today.

The meaning of "works" is varied but the Pips Wizard indicator is still plotting out winning and losing trades with the winning trades larger than the losers.

That is EXACTLY what you want with any trading software.

You probably want to see how the software is working on MT4 so I put this trading video together so you can actually see what's been going on with PWP.

Keep in mind that no trading software can make you a winning trader.  There are other variables you will have to accept:

  • Risk management is vital to trading success and to keep your trading account from going to zero
  • Understand the psychological challenges that trading presents
  • Forex brokers have stated that the majority of their trading customers do not make money

While there are challenges to trading, people do find success and is there any reason it can't be you?