Determine Trend With Forex Trendy

Trading with any strategy including Forex Trendy is often better when trading with trend direction.

But trend direction is dependent on the time frame you are using and that is where many people get confused.​

  • There is a 4 hour trend
  • There is a 2 minute trend
  • There is a daily trend

With so many different trends to look at, many traders get confused and the idea of trading with the trend becomes a mystery.

Forex Trendy has a section in the members area that will give you an objective measure of the trend direction.  Not only that, it will also tell you the expected draw down that can occur and still not violate the trend direction.

Knowing how far price can go against you and maintain the current trend is vital to keeping your trade alive.​

This video will show you inside the members only area and also explain how to use the trend section.  Once you watch the video, check out my Forex Trend Review and let me know what you think.