Pips Wizard Pro Trend Trading

pips wizard pro trend

Pips Wizard Pro is a buy/sell trading indicator for Metatrader.  It is designed to pinpoint the beginning of a trend and have you ride it for profits that can be taken several ways.I did a video review for this trading indicator giving a first hand users opinion of it and will do the written version […]

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Forex Trendy Recap


I want to share a video that was actually prompted by an email from a Forex Trendy member and it was a trade on the GBPUSD.  He took a triangle breakout (he was alerted through the alert system) and banked 129 pips.   What’s important to note is that the profit targets were given as well […]

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300 Pips | Forex Trendy Member Alerts


One great feature that Forex Trendy members have is the email alert function.  This will email members when a price pattern breaks and enable traders to jump in the move.Some traders will only trade the trend direction so the trend scanner part is vital for these traders.  Other traders will trade countertrend which will give […]

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