Determine Trend With Forex Trendy

Trading with any strategy including Forex Trendy is often better when trading with trend direction. But trend direction is dependent on the time frame you are using and that is where many people get confused.​ There is a 4 hour trend There is a 2 minute trendThere is a daily trend With so many different trends […]

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Does Pips Wizard Pro Still Work?

does pip wizard pro work?

It’s been a while since I updated Pips Wizard Pro and many Forex traders have asked if it still works in the markets of today. The meaning of “works” is varied but the Pips Wizard indicator is still plotting out winning and losing trades with the winning trades larger than the losers. That is EXACTLY what you […]

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Is There An Advantage To Forex Trading Training?

Forex Trading Training

Forex traders who wanted to deal seriously on the Forex market need Forex trading training to ensure that they will be able to navigate what is often times a tough market to trade. Forex markets are often volatile especially when it comes to the many news releases that come on an almost daily basis. Forex trading is […]

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