The amount of trading scams out there is on the rise whether it is some Forex expert advisor or some B.S. traders training course.

Internet marketers will try to sell you the latest sure thing in trading systems and thousands of people get suckered every day.

What's worse is the amount of fake review sites done by marketers that have never traded a day in their lives!

They're easy to spot - just read or listen to how they talk about trading.

Here is an example of what I mean........

trading scams and reviews


I was reading one trading system review site and this is a direct quote that speaks to their absolute ignorance about trading:

"Most of them have an awful win rate which is way below the 50% mark."

If you are reading a review site that leads off with that type of statistic, move on.  Win rate is a small part of what makes a successful trading systems.  

Some trend following systems have a 30% with rate - and the trader still makes a ton of money!

A system can win 30% of the time and what matters is the R multiple - the number of dollars won compared to the risk.

trading robots expert advisors


If a review site talks about trading robots you may want to think twice about the product.

Most of the "robots" that are sold are something as simple as a moving average cross with an ATR stop loss and target.​

If you think you can pick up a Forex robot for $97, slap it on your chart, and make a fortune, you have been caught up in the web of scams that marketers have created

You WILL NOT become successful trading a Forex robot!  I use that as a general statement because there are those that, in theory, can actually work IF they are taking into account the mechanics of the markets and the ebb and flow of price.

For the most part, stay away from any EA that promises riches.  System trading CAN WORK (I know someone who makes a ton of money trading a 100 SMA break).  His secret is consistency and risk management.  

Don't ignore all "robots" - just most of them.​


The truth is that not all trading systems are scams

There are some decent ones that use the mechanics of the market and proven trading indicators and rules as their base.

These are the ones you want to spend your time on.

Here are some that I have reviewed (YES, I actually have the product - these are REAL reviews from someone who trades so I can smell B.S. a mile away)​

REAL REVIEWS WITH THE REAL PRODUCT (not a review of sales page!)

The truth about trading that many don’t talk about is that the edges in the markets are quite small – but there are edges.

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Another Trading Truth?

The biggest secret about success is that there isn’t any big secret about it, or if there is, then it’s a secret from me, too. The idea of searching for some secret for trading success misses the point. - Ed Seykota

There is nothing being hidden from you about the markets and how to trade them. There is no “secret sauce”!

There is no marketer or trader out there that holds the grail….especially the “can’t miss” trading systems and education that has a huge price tag.

I understand the frustration of filling your head with the usual "B.S" about trading and it does more harm than good.  I had to personally take time off from trading due to the (mis)information overload that had me second guessing everything about trading.

It's always been much simpler than we were taught to believe.​

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